USA market towards healthier foods: the large food manufacturers, are facing the supermarket initiatives.

In the United States, several national and regional supermarket chains have begun to make campaigns devoted to healthy food and to launch new product lines, up to provide customers with online consulting.
It is a trend that seems popular with consumers and that is pushing the big manufacturers to look for new ways to meet higher nutritional expectations.

The supermarkets are taking a more interactive role in healthy eating campaigns, putting pressure on their suppliers, forced to follow suit.

Among the cases reported there is that of Marsh supermarkets.
The chain has hired an expert in nutrition as director of nutrition and wellness sector with healthy recipes in a local television and answers from Marsh site customer questions.
Target chain decided to shift the focus from major suppliers such as General Mills, Kraft and Kellogg, toward smaller brands and more natural.
Aldi supermarkets have introduced a line of meat products from animals raised without antibiotics, hormones and steroids.
The chain of supermarkets Kroger eliminated from the line of products Simple Truth, 100 preservatives and artificial ingredients, that customers had said they do not want, and sales of this product line increased in one year from 1.3 to 1.5 billions of dollars.


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