The sexual appetite can protect you from binge eating and extra pounds.

Give satisfaction to the own “sexual appetite” can protect you from binge eating and extra pounds through the production of the hormone of love, the “oxytocin”.
The molecule (also implicated in motherly love, affection and during lactation) can in fact reduce the appetite and desire to ingest food.
The researchers observed the amount of oxytocin in the blood of a large sample of individuals aged between 27 and 50 years.
was then carried out a DNA test, of each, to analyze the type of “receptor for oxytocin” (OXTR), or “molecular switch” which attaches the hormone to exert its action.
Depending upon the type of gene in the DNA of an individual, oxytocin can work more or less efficient: individuals who have a more active OXTR gene, that is, that best oxytocin, are better protected from bingeing, they have a personality that is less inclined to this type of behavior.
In general, therefore, oxytocin can curb binges, then stimulate the release by the body, for example through sexual activity, and could represent a more resource against eating disorders.

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