Radicchio, wellness allied.

Radicchio, the Italian vegetable product with a unique taste, is very well known for recipes prepared with its leaves, including the famous risotto with radicchio.
The members of the chicory families have three different varieties: red chicory, characterized by a dark color amaranth, one with light green tones and the white one.
The first group includes the famous red radicchio from Verona, Treviso and Chioggia.

Depending on the period in which they are collected, it is defined “precocious” or “late”.
The first one is particularly sweet, while the second one has a slightly bitter aftertaste.

For many centuries it has represented a kind of food of the poors and it was already known by the ancients Greeks and Romans who attributed curative properties for sleeplessness.
This vegetable, therefore, is a natural medicine, which should not be missing on our table because of the presence of potassium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, many vitamins and amino acids.
The main action of the red radicchio is toning, valuable during the change of seasons in which the immune system, nervous system and joints are sorely tested.
Poor in calories, only 14 to 100 grams, is also a valuable aid in the treatment of lack of appetite.

The risotto with radicchio is health and taste.

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