. A sauté pan’s best friend!
. How naturally sweet it is!
. The Ultimate Tomato!
. Chef’s do your guests a favor…add Pomodamore to your sauté pan!

Summer Fancy Food Show June 2015

Q: When Santa Claus asked Pomodamore what he wanted for Christmas, what did the tomato say?
A: To dance naked in a sauté pan with an inspired Chef holding the handle.

Ode to MMF

There once was man from Parma
Who planted a seed with mama
Up from the ground came amore
so perfect a tomato astoray
That together they shouted Pomodamore!

Restaurant Canada Show March 2015

Comments from attending Chefs after sampling Pomodamore …outstanding flavor:
. 1st-in-its-class
. a chef’s dream tomato
. a high performance tomato
. now’s the time to start sautéing
. let the artistry begin
. the highest ranking tomato in the kitchen
. a tomato that has been centuries in the making
. a renaissance tomato