On the road

In a few days, my journey in the United States will begin. A journey that will lead me to meet my valuable cooperators and customers, who have with enthusiasm realized, the work that our company has built over the years.

It will also be a culinary journey and the more I will be able to appreciate and understand the cuisine, the more I will be able to reinterpret it in the preparation of my products for the American market.

The American cuisine has its own identity and dignity, even if many people think that it does not exist at all. As do some gastronomy scientists who say that the American cuisine is just a mix, revised and updated of the dishes that immigrants from all over the world have brought to the U.S. If this is true on one side (British culinary base, Dutch and French influences, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, German and Slav), there are also many dishes born in America.

I love the rich and varied salads, burgers (even vegetarian), barbecued dishes, desserts and much more.

The breakfast is very English: eggs, bacon, juice, potatoes and more. Recently, the “danger cholesterol” was discovered so, many families have taken away from the breakfast bacon and eggs, putting more corn Flakes. Lunch is generally light, while dinner is eaten very early, before 7pm. Americans eat differently from State to State. In New England  there are very strong English, Irish, German and Italian influences, in the Illinois, Slave, in California the Mexican, the eastern and the Persianones, in the South, the Caribbean and the French.

The moment when the family gets together is the dinner, and here the culinary influences are felt. You can go from a plate of macaroni with cheese, spaghetti Italian style, to main dishes made ​​of meat, fish and side dishes (usually potatoes, vegetables, legumes, tomatoes).

 Provided that they do not want to go out to dinner and, in this case, the choice is here quite varied, you can choose, in fact, between any ethnic restaurants. To remember, however, the famous huge steaks, served with side dishes and accompanied by spicy sauces.

Among the desserts I remember cookies and homemade cakes, caramel chocolate, cheese, carrots, cranberries and apples.

 In short, a world to discover and for me, every time, a great pleasure.

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