Meat-no-meat recipe…

I had the wish to suggest to you a very special recipe for the preparation of the meat-no-meat that usually I call it “meat without suffering”, who usually I prepare at home.
Let me pass the word with which I’ve called it, I am vegetarian and every time I talk about it with my friends, I give to them the recipe with this name.

I suggest you to do some tests in your kitchen, I am sure that will surprise you!

The “meat without suffering”, is a vegetable food that comes from pure wheat gluten worked with any legume flour.

I love cooking it with lentil flour but you can add to the wheat flour also lupine flour, pea flour, chickpea flour or soy flour.
The legume flour softens the dough and makes the final product more soft and and not at all rubbery.
To make the “meat without suffering” more flavorful, herbs and spices are added directly to the dough.

If prepared at home, the dough is then encased in an elastic net and boiled in a broth flavored with onion, carrots and celery.
In the industrial preparation, the dough should be cooked in a steam oven, and then passed into an conventional oven for “browning” the exterior parts.
The product thus obtained will be more similar to the roasted meat taste.
The “meat without suffering” is suitable for a thousand preparations: can be stir-fried, deep-fried, added to salads in strips, browned along with other flavorings, whipped to prepare meatballs or sliced as a filling for sandwiches.

The basic preparation consists of wheat gluten and lentils flour to which are added sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, spices and herbs.
I recommend adding tahini, which gives the “meat without suffering”, a special aroma of roast.

The recipe of the “meat without suffering”:
Mix 200 g of wheat gluten powder with 100 g of lentil flour, 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon tahini (sesame paste) and water just enough to get a firm dough.
Form a loaf of dough and let it rest for 20 minutes.
Wrap it in a cloth (or an elastic net) and, in the case of home preparation, boil it for 45 minutes in a vegetable broth with vegetables, herbs and spices, in the case of industrial production, cook the dough for 30 min in steam oven.
After that, the steam cooked “meat without suffering” must be greased externally with extra virgin olive oil and put in a conventional oven for 15-20 min to be roasted.

The “meat without suffering” obtained, can be cut into “steaks” or used as a roast.
You can cook it in a pan, baked or stewed.
In the kitchen the variations are endless: chopped and flavored with chopped tomatoes, garlic and basil, it becomes a delicious meat sauce; into pieces and stir-fry with a “soffritto” of shallot it becomes a meal healthy and light or you can cook it as stew, enriching it with potatoes, mushrooms, curry and parsley.
All with a caloric intake by 140-150 calories per 100 g (0,22 lb). More or less like a lean steak beef …

Being prepared with pure gluten, the “meat without suffering” falls into the black list for celiac foods: those affected by this serious permanent intolerance to gluten, cannot in fact afford to eat this vegetable meat.

Buon appetito!!

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