Knowing how to select

 In food

As I wrote in my previous post, in America, you can eat very well. the choice is huge, it is enough to visit any supermarket to realize that the offer is far superior to any Italian supermarket. What you should do, though, is knowing how to select.
What is lacking to the Americans, therefore, is not a choice but the choices habits.
If the diet is too poor in fruits and vegetables, which you should eat at least five servings a day, can be very useful smoothies and centrifuged.
To increase the consumption of vegetables are recommended especially stews and soups, especially at dinner.
The first example comes from the family: every child copy the feed from parents and grandparents who, wrongly, they often tend to blame the school. Who has children and grandchildren has therefore an incentive to adopt more – gradually, but with determination – virtuous behavior.

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