Do you know why I began writing a blog?

 In food

Do you remember the feeling of warmth and protection given, when a child, by the cup of hot milk with cookies?

Or the scent of freshly baked lasagna for the Sunday lunch? And the feeling of putting a finger in a Nutella jar? And again, hot bread, pizza and all those foods that, just thinking of them, put you at peace with the world.

From America, the country where we are launching our products, comes the latest fashion in culinary: the Comfort Food.

A literary artifice to determine that food that inspires, in those who eat it, a nostalgic or sentimental feeling. A most of the time simple, genuine dish, which belongs to the family tradition, certainly full of flavor.

The comfort food is a bit like a secret lair, a comfortable sofa where to stay: hidden under the blanket, crouched with the loved, got stucked with your children, cats or dogs, where to sit and chat with friends or with anyone who needs to share an enjoyable time.

Feeling happy even eating.

And if chocolate is still the king of the comfort delivering food, we must not undervalue the role of pizza, lasagna, eggplants alla parmigiana, pasta and beans. But each one has his own food den food and, by flicking through a cookbook, we get a little bit of everything. From bread, butter and jam, to the bruschetta with chickpeas and octopus and those with sausage and fresh soft cheese for an appetizer or snack or the broad beans with pecorino; from a reassuring minestrone to a pasta with zucchini and gorgonzola or the traditional cheese and pepper, Grice and carbonara.

Even fruits and vegetables, during summer, with their scents and colors, can give that feeling of pleasure at the first bite. Cuddles passing from the palate, which help to feel better and to take care of the mood at certain times of the life or even for a the day.

Well, for this and much more, I’ll begin talking to you, taking inspiration from our tradition but adapting it to the demands coming from the market that we love, that of the United States of America.


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