At risk the TTIP.

Seem been shipwrecked the hopes that an agreement on the TTIP can be reached by the end of the year.

To state it is the Minister of Economic Development Mr Carlo Calenda, one of the strongest supporters of fought free trade agreement between the US and Europe: “The TTIP in my opinion skip because we arrived too long on the negotiation and could miss even the agreement with Canada because there is a lack of trust in the internationalization and a lack of proxy to a European governance “.

The first to throw metaphorically the sponge are the French, always skeptics on the transnational agreement.
“There is absolutely no chance that we come to an agreement by the end of the Obama administration. I think now we all know it, even those who claim otherwise”, said the French Deputy Minister for Foreign Trade, Matthias Fekl.

Heavy words, pronounced in less than a week from the 14th round of negotiations, which will still take place in Brussels from 11 to 15 July.

Also complicating the situation contributes Brexit: the British were in fact the first supporters of the TTIP.

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